Pricing + Services



$500 —  Your website is a lasting impression on a customer and a vital component to your business.  Our company will ensure that your website is protected and operated by a secure hosting platform.


Social media management

$200 per month — Creating and operating 2 major social media accounts.  This regular maintenance includes scheduling posts, creating growth strategies, and updating company information. A monthly report will be provided.


business plan

$150 — A downloadable document that includes an executive summary; a profile of the company; analysis of the industry, target customer base, competition; plans for operation, and generating revenue.


marketing plan

$150 — A downloadable document that includes the overall advertising techniques to be implemented, the cost of all marketing, and the expected return on investment (ROI).


Company logo

$125  and up—  This is a symbol of your company’s identity. We create your customers’ first impression of  your company. The best logos send a message to customers about the company’s values and create brand loyalty.

Website Management (required)

$100 per month This monthly fee is used to pay for your website hosting, SEO, ongoing optimization, any website content creation, link building services, and special design projects. Please note that there is a 3 month subscription required.


marketing consultation

$75 — A 1- hour session helping your company determine how to best engage new/ existing clients; creating a solid strategic plan with both short and long term goals. This consultation goes in-depth about which of our products/services will best suit your needs.


business cards (customized)

100 cards  — $40 250 cards  — $50

500 cards  — $70



$75 — A downloadable flyer that can be posted on social media, sent in email blasts, or printed to promote a specific event, product, or promotion for your company.


Press release/blogs

$150 each — This press release will be used to announce an important event that may have some news value. The importance of the online press release and/or blog is that it helps provide added publicity to a new or existing business.


*Major Credit Cards, Apple Pay, and Pay Pal accepted